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Bumper crops from your backyard!
An exclusive FREE Preview of The Backyard Homestead shows what you can harvest from as little as 1/4 acre!
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The Backyard Homestead — Talk about Eating Local!
In THE BACKYARD HOMESTEAD we help you every step of the way, with tried-and-true secrets to help you do more — much more! — with less. Think of the money you'll save! (You could even turn a nice profit on your extra eggs and honey!)

Talk about eating local!
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Unbelievable but true! Look what you can harvest from your 1/4 acre backyard!
  Hundreds of expert gardening secrets: How,
when, where to plant. Garden plans. Watering tips. Much more!

  Yes, you can! (And freeze, dry, pickle,
and store ...) Preserve your harvest so you can be
a "locavore" all year long! Tons of practical tips.

  Be fruitful: Harvest 60 pounds of fruit
a year practically free! (Have you seen the
price of organic fruit lately?!?)

  Luscious landscaping: Yes! Even
your ornamental plantings can be delicious!

  Grow your own medicine ... and beer! Master
gardener’s tips on growing and using herbs — including hops!

  Chickens in your backyard:
Selecting breeds, coop building plans, care,
and feeding. Also rabbits, goats — and how
about raising your own Thanksgiving turkey?

  Self-sufficiency 101: Learn how to
make cider, cheese, maple syrup, wine, honey,
jam, jerky, butter, and on and on and on!

  And much, much more! You have
got to see it for yourself!
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