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TIP #1 How to grow staked tomatoes TIP #2 How to use indicator plants TIP #3 How to make raspberry vinegar
page 77
  Always place your stake before you transplant your seedlings.  
  Tie the vines LOOSELY as they grow.  
  Pinch back suckers to encourage strong growth of the main stem.  
  Pinch back the growing tip when it reaches the size you want.  
    Get more tomato tips from The Backyard Homestead!
PLUS: More tomato tips!
  More tomato tips. How to space plants: For huge yields or for huge fruit? PAGE 44. Also how to plant leggy seedlings ... when to mulch ... how to tell if your plant is hungry ... much more.  
page 32
  When to plant?
You could try to
decipher a compli-
cated planting guide
and hope the dates
are accurate for
your area. A better
way is to use “plant
phenology” or
indicator plants to
tell you when the
time is right!

  Plant spinach when the daffodils
  Plant peas when the maple trees
  Sow pole beans when the apple trees
drop their petals. Lots more!
  PLUS: Triple your yield!  
  How to TRIPLE your yield with this one simple change. Page 24. Also how to extend the season ... seed-starting guide ... the best time to weed ... more.  
page 139
  The most popular of all flavored
vinegars, this makes a great gift.
  2 to 2½ cups fresh red
raspberries, lightly mashed
    2 cups red wine vinegar  
    2 tablespoons sugar or honey  
  1) Combine all ingredients in the top
of a nonreactive double boiler. Place
over boiling water, reduce the heat,
and cook over barely simmering
water, uncovered, for 10 minutes.

2) Pour into a large screw-top jar.
Store for 3 weeks, then strain to
separate the vinegar from the
berries, pressing gently on the
berries to extract the juice. If your
vinegar is cloudy, pour it through
a coffee filter. Pour into bottles,
adding a few fresh berries.
  Yield: About 2 cups  
  PLUS: So much more!  
  Blueberry and peach variations ... complete herbal tea how-to ... bread-baking basics … how to tell whether an egg is fresh ... how to make yogurt without a yogurt maker … much more.  
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